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Giacomo Agostini 15 times world champion

the legend


Italian Dream Motorcycle has re-engineered the venerable streetfighter into a blacked-out track wizard. More than just a styling exercise, the bike sports a custom-fitted rear suspension from the Speed Triple and solid billet rims. The rear subframe and seat are also custom made with a black-on-black color scheme for a very sinister vibe. Limited to a run of five machines, a few are still available for order.


RUN 5 UNITS - PRICE € 35.000,00*

MAX_3483 copia.jpg

I don’t know if Batman is looking for a new bike,

but this motorcycle might be the just perfect for him. The dark and menacing thing before you is the new Tripla 0.0 675cc, a stunning bike imagined by the team at Italian Dream Motorcycle (IDM), that’s ready to haunt your dreams for days on end. Come on, admit it: it looks dreamy! At least, that’s what we think dreams should be made of.


The Triumph Street Triple custom from Italian Dream Motorcycle (IDM)

is as sleek and sophisticated as its name. While it’s based on the classic Triumph Street Triple motorcycle, this modern makeover was built in collaboration with highly specialized workshops that manufacture racing parts.

The Tripla 0.0 flaunts a stealthy all-black color scheme with an updated Speed Triple monoshock suspension, as the enhancement increases stability, precision and its overall aesthetic. In addition, a racing belt adds improved safety and offers a smoother power delivery, while a triple mouthed exhaust exposes the triple cylinders.

Furthermore, the tail, seat and carriers are entirely handcrafted, followed by the rims machined out of solid blocks of metal that cover the entirety of the wheels to further execute a stealthy vibe.

The Tripla 0.0 675cc was limited to a production run of five, but a few are still available.


Triumph Speed Triple by Italian Dream Motorcycle 

The Speed Triple has never been a slouch in terms of performance. Hinckley’s hooligan machine even had creative styling, what with those bug-eyes and all. But that hasn’t stopped Sergio Giordano, the man behind Italian Dream Motorcycle (IDM), from pushing the envelope with ‘Tripla Competizione.’

BIKEEXIF - Custom bike of the week 08/18

RUN 5 UNITS - PRICE € 45.000,00*


The team is back with another build in their Tripla Collection,

the Tripla Competizione — a limited-production, track-focused 1050cc Triumph Speed Triple. The bike was picked by EIMCA official photographer Monica Silva to photograph with the guests and president of the expo, and even made it into the Rolling Stone magazine, and the official Media.


Sergio Giordano is an Italian born entrepreneur whose achievements

include managing a business dealing in rare artefacts, running a world famous sushi restaurant Jorudan Sushi, holding the title of European Champion for bodybuilding and being an SSI Trainer instructor. After years of travelling the world, he has returned to his home in Italy to launch his own custom motorcycle workshop named ‘Italian Dream Motorcycle’.

IDM specialise in the production of limited edition custom motorcycles. Along with creating uniquely designed machines, IDM is dedicated to improving the performance of each motorcycle they build. Sergio’s latest project, the ‘Collezione Tripla’ has seen him rework Triumph’s Speed Triple and its smaller sibling the Street Triple to create a new limited edition 3 bike series. The series includes the ‘Tripla 0.0’, a 675cc Triumph Street Triple built for street riding, the soon to be released ‘Tripla 0.0 R’, and this bike, the 1050cc Speed Triple based ‘Tripla Competizione’.



As quoted by Norihiko Harada, vice president of Zagato design 

"I like this motorcycle because it has a certain coherence of its kind. I like the proportions given by the size of the wheels that make it 

seem short-lived and the mechanical 

cleaning under the tank. It gives me

the perception of going out on a 

Sunday and feeling a sense of freedom"

RUN 1 UNIT - PRICE € 15.000,00*




The flat track it's fashion now, the crosswise guide is the new fun for motorcyclists and the Deam's Tracker by Italian Dream Motorcycle embodies this spirit and does it with elegance. the Dream's Tracker is one of the bikes that most caught my attention and the experts at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, in fact won the elegance contest organized by Motociclismo magazine and on the same occasion received its award from Sideburn Magazine.


The Dream's Tracker is Italian Dream Motorcycle's vision of a flat track motorcycle.

It is built on a Suzuki DR600 and all of the bodywork is built out of aluminium. It features a CNC machined steering plate and is powered by a chain drive transmission.The single cylinder 595 engine cranks out 45 horsepower, 

more than enough to navigate all sorts of terrains. Maintaining 

its heritage, the bike is started via a kick-starter. The old dashboard is replaced with a brand new OLED one.

On the handlebars you can find the new Domino controls and levers 

that control the Brembo brakes.

The brake pump is also 

made by Brembo. Both front and rear lights are replaced 

with new LED ones.

IDM replaced the front forks with new ones from a Yamaha R1

 and a back suspension from Yamaha R6.

The seat is built out

of fiber for added durability.


The Lucky Legend was designed to pay honor to the racer Marco Lucchinelli

and the Gamma 500 he piloted to a championship in 1981. But instead of blowing the dust off of an old half-liter two-stroke, the biggest change, visually, is the exquisite bodywork. From the winglets up front to the cheeky 4-into-1-into-4 exhaust that flows through the tail, IDM have absolutely nailed the look and proportions.

BIKEEXIF - Custom Bike of the week 12/17




The world champion and MotoGP legend,​

Late put is signature on the tank of the motorcycle in Eicma at her official presentation, Marco Lucchinelli Drive the bike in Verona In Motor Bike Expo. and use a Bike in different events.

Grazie Marco

"it's really beautiful bike, and you know what..?? if you see you can feel di passion with was build."


Marco “Lucky” Lucchinelli is a legend of Gran Prix racing and one of the most thrilling riders ever to come out of Italy. Enter Sergio Giordano of Italian Dream Motorcycle, who runs a team of professional racing mechanics uniquely qualified to build high-performance custom motorcycles. IDM has decided to build a motorcycle each year dedicated to one of the six Italian champions in the premier class. First is Lucchinelli, who is one of Giordano’s heroes. In order to make the bike practical and rideable, IDM eschewed a 500cc two-stroke in favor of a greater challenge — a Suzuki Bandit 1200. The result is the “Lucky Legend,” which Lucchinelli now refers to as “his bike” and has taken on the track at Adria circuit, where he runs his driving school, the Lucchinelli Experience. We especially love the 4:4 exhaust and fairings copied from the original race bike.

Best Custom Bike of 2018 BikeBound

RUN 1 UNIT -  €25.000*

_MG_8594 copia.jpg

It's the end of the 70s, when the frame builder B. Beyens from Belgium grabs the engine of a newly released DR400 to re-energize all around and to build a full cross in the style of the 60 / 70s. Vintage was already in demand then and so he developed his very own interpretation of a competition machine from that time. His goal: The most successful participation in the European Motocross Championship in the 1965/70 class.




I am particularly proud to have found this bike, if is absolutely consistent with our vision of motorcycles. because I am convinced that to produce a constant and optimal development, it is really important to study and research.

this master piece, besides being extremely captivating and current, both for its performances and for the his style, shines because it shows the soul of Beyens who built it realizing the his dream.

the IDM SUZUKI EF400BB even if it deserves to be kept as a piece to collect, and 'extremely versatile in its use and still highly performing. 


RUN 1 UNIT -  €4.500*



A unique and fascinating Pit Bike returns to life thanks to the care of Italian Dream Motorcycle​.



Sergio always has some surprise with him and this time he pulls out yet another weapon from his arsenal it is small yet concise and aesthetically very well build.Small, sharp and scintillating.

This  rocket attracts more attention on the streets as well as on tracks and proves to be more lively because its easy to manoeuvre, good at performance and sharp to handle.Its a no nonsense and a very straight build.

For many people it’s the Doodle Bug the precursor of the Mini Bike, with its 4 series built in ten thousand units each, at the end of the forties in the United States.